Real Estate

Michna Law Group handles a variety of transactions pertaining to both residential closings and commercial real estate. We focus on assuring that our clients are protected in the course of these transactions, watching issues related to contract negotiation, financing, taxes, title, and more.

Highly complex in nature, real estate issues often involve several interacting areas of the law. For this reason, it is essential to be represented by seasoned attorneys with broad experience.


A will is designed as a plan to ensure the future of your family, business, and perhaps greater community. The sense of security gained from having a strong and comprehensive will is well worth your time and attention.

A will, or “Last Will and Testament”, is just that: the ‘will’ of a person as to what should happen to his or her property after postpartum. Although rarely an easy topic to discuss, Michna Law Group can help you ensure that your loved one’s final wishes are passed onward.


Trusts can be a powerful tool for estate planning, charitable giving, and business planning and succession. Simply put, a trust is a legal arrangement, by contract and/or under statute, that allows a person to guide the security and disposition of his or her current, future, and even post-death assets. At times, trusts may have tax benefits, and may be used in business directly or indirectly.

Michna Law Group makes trusts work for our clients with careful planning, and traditional and non-traditional approaches. Throughout the process, we’ll advise upon and assist with the duties of trust administration. Where a trust needs to be defended or challenged, we’re there for our clients as advocates, advisers, and negotiators.


Upon the departure of a loved one, Michna Law Group has a plethora of experience working on probate matters, whether in favor or against, as appropriate.

Through our process, we address complicated legal issues and conflicts that probate often involves. We work on both simple and sophisticated probate matters, including those regarding wills and property from other states.


Whether in business, day to day life, or as major life events, contracts are everywhere. Buying a car involves contracts, but so does buying a coffee. Michna Law Group has a background in drafting, reviewing, negotiating, defending, and challenging contracts.

Our number one priority is to collaborate with our clients to help them obtain an arrangement that they’re comfortable with. As your legal advisers, we’ll review contracts proposed to you and also enforce those that haven’t been fulfilled as promised.


Whether you are starting a new, growing an existing, or dissolving a current business, the available options can be dizzying. There are a number of different business entity types with multiple possible tax statuses.

Our firm can help you navigate the world of entities and filings in a way that optimizes legal outcomes, but also one that works best for your specific situation. Entity choice, and the particular way something is done with an entity, can impact legal rights, finances, operations, and marketing. Michna Law Group provides careful guidance to our clients regarding entity issues, considering not only legal realities, but also business and personal situations.